Improving VirtualBox performance

I run VirtualBox on an Ubuntu 64-bit Host with a 32-bit Windows XP guest. I was searching for a way to boost performance and came across this post related to configuring a SATA controller for drive access. Matt includes some great info there, but the step-by-step left something to be desired IMHO. Here are my revised instructions for configuring SATA support on your Win XP guest:
  1. Start VirtualBox, but do not boot your guest.
  2. Open Settings for your Win XP guest and select "Hard Disks"
  3. Check "Enable Additional Controller" and choose "SATA (AHCI)"
  4. Save your Settings changes and boot your guest
  5. Inside your guest, download the appropriate SATA controller software from Intel
  6. Install the Intel software
  7. Shutdown your guest
  8. Go back into VirtualBox Settings for your guest. Select Harddrives again.
  9. Now change the slot associated with your Windows XP attachments/harddisk(s) from IDE to "SATA Port 0"
  10. Save your settings
  11. Start your guest and enjoy the performance boost!