Installing gerrit2 on Mac OS X Server (Snow Leopard)

I'm using the default runtime container of gerrit (Jetty) configured for SSL proxy behind the Mac Server apache2 instance. I've configured direct LDAP integration and am using the Mac Server mysql instance.

Here's what the init parameters look like:

 java -jar gerrit.war init -d review_site*** Gerrit Code Review***  *** Git Repositories*** Location of Git repositories   [/Library/Git/repositories/]: Import existing repositories   [Y/n]? *** SQL Database*** Database server type           [MYSQL/?]: Server hostname                [localhost]: Server port                    [(MYSQL default)]: Database name                  [reviewdb]: Database username              [gerrit2]: Change gerrit2's password      [y/N]? *** User Authentication*** Authentication method          [LDAP/?]: LDAP server                    [ldaps://my.server.fqdn]: LDAP username                  []: anonymous's password           :               confirm password : Account BaseDN                 [cn=users,dc=hostname,dc=pascalmetrics,dc=com]: Group BaseDN                   [cn=groups,dc=hostname,dc=pascalmetrics,dc=com]: *** Email Delivery*** SMTP server hostname           [localhost]: SMTP server port               [(default)]: SMTP encryption                [NONE/?]: SMTP username                  : *** Container Process*** Run as                         [gerrituser]: Java runtime                   [/System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/Contents/Home]:  Upgrade /opt/gerrit- [Y/n]? Copying gerrit.war to /opt/gerrit- *** SSH Daemon***  Listen on address              [*]: Listen on port                 [29418]:  *** HTTP Daemon***  Behind reverse proxy           [Y/n]? Proxy uses SSL (https://)      [Y/n]? Subdirectory on proxy server   [/gerrit]: Listen on address              [*]: Listen on port                 [9028]:  Scanning /Library/Git/repositories  

I had to tweak one my.cnf setting to allow gerrit to complete my initial install. I needed to set