ButcherBox Brisket

Most of my brisket cuts are coming from ButcherBox these days and are under 5lbs instead of the typical 12lbs “full packer”. Don’t follow the timings in a recipe for the latter if you are cooking the former - unless you enjoy eating shoe leather. I’m constantly modifying my default approach, but here’s one that has served well recently:

  • salt + pepper + paprika + onion powder => rubbed into the brisket the night before your cook
  • setup your Big Green Egg for indirect heat at 225
  • throw some wettened chunks of Apple wood on the coals and a catch tray filled with water under the grate
  • brisket fat side up onto the grate over the tray and cook to the center reads 165
  • pull meat off and double wrap in aluminum foil transfer to oven at 210
  • cook till center reads 205
  • throw wrapped brisket into an empty cooler and let it rest for at least an hour…up to 4
  • yum